Dive In by Letting Go

blog23_diving_w200To dive into the next growth stage of your business requires letting go. The entrepreneurial initiative begins with the self. To paraphrase an ancient verse: “I, the Leader, am for my Company, as my Company is for Me.”

The self turns toward the Company, towards the “greater good.” As a leader, I don’t operate solely for myself. I operate for my organization, and my organization in turn supports me precisely because I let go of me. Letting go means the suspension of Self.

Someone who […]

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A Great Habit Is Hard To Break

RB_Practice_W200After a recent EOS session, the owner made a comment about the importance of repetition in mastering a skill. Specifically, he was talking about the weekly Level 10 meeting and, after just six meetings, how much better his team was becoming at identifying, discussing and solving issues, getting things done, improving communication and team health. He told his team, “Imagine how much better we’ll be after 52 weekly Level 10 meetings!

In his book “Outliers”, Malcolm Gladwell challenges the impact that intelligence plays in determining success […]
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Did You Find The Right People For Your Leadership Team?

DT_Leadership_W200There’s a stark difference between team players and team leaders and it matters greatly who you have on your leadership team.

The Right Kind of Person for Your Leadership Team

Team players, as I am choosing to apply this label, are exceptional at being where they’re supposed to be and doing what they’re supposed to do. They execute well, play out their role on the team, follow the game plan, are technically solid and consistently produce results. In short, you can depend on them to get the job […]
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Wrong Person, Right Seat

RB_WPRS_W200You may have inherited, hired or promoted people who you’ve recognized and rewarded for exceptional production and output only to hear rumblings that they are getting those results in ways that are damaging your company’s reputation, aggravating fellow team members and undermining everything that you’re trying to accomplish for the long term.  These are usually me-first versus we-first people who put their interests before the Core Values of the organization. In the meantime, they continue to produce results, but behave and get those results in ways that go against […]
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One Reason “Solve” Is So Hard

MP_Solve_W200When implementing EOS®, clients often say, “this may be simple, but it’s not easy!” And they’re right. I’ve been helping companies master these tools for more than seven years, and I’m still learning something new every day.

For many teams, IDS is one of those “simple but not easy” tools. As you may know, “I” stands for “Identify,” “D” stands for “Discuss,” and “S” stands for “Solve.” The truth is, most leadership teams and most leaders are far better at discussing their issues than […]
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Want to Grow Your Business? Prune It Back.

DT_Pruning_W200Does this gardening incident sound familiar? “My son ran over my rosebush with the lawn mower. I thought for sure it was dead! But to my amazement, it came back stronger and more vibrant than ever.” It seems like most of us have a gardening incident somewhere in our past. Aside from teaching your son to spare the shrubbery, there is a business lesson in this gardening incident, too. It’s about pruning for growth

It’s arguable that the same vision, hard work, techniques and patience that are required to grow a […]
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Seven Tips For Improving Strategic Execution

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” – General George S. Patton  

MP_PattonPhoto_W200Over the last eight years, I’ve helped 100 entrepreneurial leadership teams create and execute more than 300 “strategic plans.” Not one of them wanted a beautiful plan – they all wanted more traction. In other words, they wanted to properly focus the organization on the right stuff, and to instill more discipline and accountability so that everyone actually executes on the company’s vision and plan.

If the […]
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4 Reasons Your Company Vision Isn’t “Shared By All”

MP_Vision_W200Before a leadership team begins its EOS journey, we ask each member of the team to rate the company from 1-10 (with 10 being best) in answer to three questions. The second question is, “How aligned is your organization around the company’s vision and plan?”

The average answer to that question is 4, and it’s not at all unusual for the owner/Visionary to offer a score several points higher than anyone else on the team.

Failpoints for Sharing a Company Vision

After nearly a thousand full-day EOS sessions with the leadership […]
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What Is Your Leadership Team’s Decision Making Tempo?

Here’s something to ponder during your next clarity break.

GW_Tempo_W200A good leader is always aware of his or her return on investment (ROI), whether that’s ROI on technology, people or equipment.

With that said, have you thought about your ROI on the time you spend with your leadership team solving issues? The average leadership team spends at least 10% of its time working together to solve organizational issues (ideas, opportunities, problems, obstacles, barriers). That’s hundreds of hours per year making important decisions that move your company forward.
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The Future

This article is the result of combining two of Ed Callahan‘s posts published by (“Predicting the Future” and “What do you Really Control“)
EC_theFuture_W200Seth Godin wrote a post recently called “The Illusion of Control.” As with all Seth’s articles, it prompts great thoughts.

The gist of the article is that we delude ourselves when we tell each other, tell our children, tell our employees, tell our management team that we have control over the future. We don’t. Plain and simple.
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Less Is More

EC_LessIsMore_W200This blog post was prompted by a December 2015 blog post from Seth Godin that I tucked away for inspiration. It’s title is Is it too little butter, or too much bread?

Here is the gist. When is the last time you complained about having too many resources in your business? Too many engineers, too many clients, too much revenue? Let me guess. The answer is probably never. It is always the opposite. The engineering plan for this year to too expansive – we don’t have enough […]
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3 on Family Businesses

EC_FamilyBusiness_W200Editor’s Note: This is a series of three articles by Ed Callahan, all focused on family businesses.

Family Businesses

Family dynamics can complicate the issues that a business faces. Each stage of a family business brings its own unique challenges to running the business. Whether the original founder (controlling owner) is faced with succession issues, or a sibling partnership is sorting out roles and responsibilities, or a cousins consortium is grappling with the question of who should be in, or own a part of, the […]
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Microsoft features the Entrepreneurial Operating System

Microsoft reached out to us in the fall of 2014 to undertake a joint project to help entrepreneurs and small business owners as part of their initiative.

They flew out an award-winning camera crew to help us capture the spirit and essence of EOS, and we’re excited to share the final product with you:

Next Steps:

  1. Visit the EOS Page on the Microsoft Modern Biz website
  2. Read this article on the Microsoft SMB Blog, “Grow Your Small Business Without Losing Passion or Purpose” featuring EOS Founder Gino Wickman.
  3. Download free […]
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Beware the Seagull

Members of healthy leadership teams are engaged, committed, and accountable for achieving the collective results of the organization. When I’m conducting an [EOS] session with a room full of those people, it’s an energizing, productive and rewarding experience. When even one member of the team isn’t properly engaged, it‘s often a long, painful, unproductive day.

A Weekly Pulsing Meeting Is No Place for a Seagull

Beware of the SeagullI call the people who ruin [Leadership Team Weekly Pulsing] Meetings “Seagull Managers.” Because they’re not engaged and accountable, they won’t fully own the […]
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How Many Meetings Do I Need With Whom?!

If you don’t answer this common leader question properly, as your business grows in number of customers, employees, vendors and initiatives, you will experience a scalability problem. You will find yourself spending a disproportionate amount of your time in meetings and your frustration will grow as you realize you can’t effectively communicate with everyone. It’s not physically possible.

How Many MeetingsThe Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a meeting as “a gathering of people for a particular purpose.” A gathering of your team to review reports is a meeting. One employee in your […]
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Resolving Business Problems in the Midst of Discouragement

If resolving business problems is making your leadership team discouraged, you’re not alone. Some of my entrepreneurial leadership teams hit an emotional wall after their first year of implementing EOS® (the Entrepreneurial Operating System)—especially if they need to resolve many large organizational issues in the company. Even when they make significant progress in the first year, they still feel unsatisfied and a bit discouraged. Why?
They’re seeing the organizational problems still left to be resolved.

The Problem with Resolving Business Problems

DT_Marathon_W200This phenomenon is not unlike the […]
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7 Biggest Business Measuring Mistakes No One Talks About

A Scorecard is a simple management tool we use to track progress. We also use Scorecards to hold people accountable to promised results. With Scorecards, we discover patterns and we read the pulse of a business or a team. Scorecards reflect the belief that “what doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done.” 

ScorecardsThere are as many variations of this notion as you can get your hands on. Terminology is also abundant and often confusing. You may have heard of dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), smart numbers, etc. […]
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The 3 Trust Destroyers

It is common for individuals in a business not to trust each other.  That lack of trust causes teammates to be less open and honest and more guarded in their interaction with each other.  As Patrick Lencioni details in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, low trust ultimately leads to poor results, so building a high trust team must be a priority for any business.

DT_TrustDestroyers_W200One of [the] free downloadable tools [from EOS Worldwide],
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