Our Guest Bloggers

Rene Boer
Rene BoerCertified EOS Implementer, Traction Process
I facilitate, teach and coach a complete business management system that aligns an organization’s leaders with a common goal, helps them hold each other accountable to do what they commit to doing and to become a more effective and cohesive team.
Ed Callahan
Ed CallahanCertified EOS Implementer, Coherent Coaching
I collaborate with PBOLTS (Private Business Owners and Their Leadership Teams) teaching them “how to fish” so that they get more of what they want from their business.
Mike Paton
Mike PatonCertified EOS Implementer, Achieve Traction
Mike has conducted more than 400 full-day EOS sessions with leadership teams of more than 60 entrepreneurial companies. An award-winning speaker, he’s also helped thousands of entrepreneurs learn and begin implementing EOS at dynamic, value-packed keynote talks, in-depth interactive workshops and peer-group retreats.
Don Tinney
Don TinneyOwner and VP, EOS Worldwide LLC
Don has a 30+ year history of helping entrepreneurial organizations grow. He has functioned as an owner, leader and manager in three successful companies and is now a partner with Gino Wickman in growing EOS Worldwide.
Gino Wickman
Gino WickmanPresident, EOS Worldwide LLC
Delivered over 1,000 full-day sessions with entrepreneurial leadership teams. Creator of EOS. Author of Traction: Get A Grip On Your Business.