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Did You Find The Right People For Your Leadership Team?

DT_Leadership_W200There’s a stark difference between team players and team leaders and it matters greatly who you have on your leadership team.

The Right Kind of Person for Your Leadership Team

Team players, as I am choosing to apply this label, are exceptional at being where they’re supposed to be and doing what they’re supposed to do. They execute well, play out their role on the team, follow the game plan, are technically solid and consistently produce results. In short, you can depend on them to get the job […]
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Want to Grow Your Business? Prune It Back.

DT_Pruning_W200Does this gardening incident sound familiar? “My son ran over my rosebush with the lawn mower. I thought for sure it was dead! But to my amazement, it came back stronger and more vibrant than ever.” It seems like most of us have a gardening incident somewhere in our past. Aside from teaching your son to spare the shrubbery, there is a business lesson in this gardening incident, too. It’s about pruning for growth

It’s arguable that the same vision, hard work, techniques and patience that are required to grow a […]
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How Many Meetings Do I Need With Whom?!

If you don’t answer this common leader question properly, as your business grows in number of customers, employees, vendors and initiatives, you will experience a scalability problem. You will find yourself spending a disproportionate amount of your time in meetings and your frustration will grow as you realize you can’t effectively communicate with everyone. It’s not physically possible.

How Many MeetingsThe Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a meeting as “a gathering of people for a particular purpose.” A gathering of your team to review reports is a meeting. One employee in your […]
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Resolving Business Problems in the Midst of Discouragement

If resolving business problems is making your leadership team discouraged, you’re not alone. Some of my entrepreneurial leadership teams hit an emotional wall after their first year of implementing EOS® (the Entrepreneurial Operating System)—especially if they need to resolve many large organizational issues in the company. Even when they make significant progress in the first year, they still feel unsatisfied and a bit discouraged. Why?
They’re seeing the organizational problems still left to be resolved.

The Problem with Resolving Business Problems

DT_Marathon_W200This phenomenon is not unlike the […]
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The 3 Trust Destroyers

It is common for individuals in a business not to trust each other.  That lack of trust causes teammates to be less open and honest and more guarded in their interaction with each other.  As Patrick Lencioni details in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, low trust ultimately leads to poor results, so building a high trust team must be a priority for any business.

DT_TrustDestroyers_W200One of [the] free downloadable tools [from EOS Worldwide],

The 7 Biggest Meeting Mistakes No One Talks About

Search Google for “Meeting Mistakes” and you’ll pull over 7,000 results. That’s a lot of meeting mistakes! But after about ten articles you’ll start to see the same mistakes listed again and again. And none of them include some of the biggest meeting problems companies have.

DT_Mistakes_W200Common wisdom says that you should have the fewest meetings possible and that meetings are a necessary evil at best. But the truth is, meetings are essential to a company’s success–if you run them properly.
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Just Around the Corner

DT_Just-Around-the-Corner_W200To paraphrase philosopher and logician Kurt Gödel, you can’t be in a system while at the same time understanding the system you’re in. In other words, you need to raise your head from time to time and see the system for what it is, whether it’s good or bad. We are normally so buried in the day-to-day scramble that we never take the time to do this. Yet, you’ll see something new every time you do.

When we’re in the thick of the woods, it’s hard to […]
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Getting What You Want

DT_WhatYouWant_W200Here is a thought-provoking video. For me, the key statement was: “So just make sure this is something you want.”

Five days before a scheduled EOS™ Quarterly Session with his leadership team, the business owner called me to say he might have to postpone the session.  He understood how critical the session was to maintaining momentum, but it had been a challenging quarter like no other in his experience as an owner.  They were hurting.  One of his leaders […]
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The Secret to Great Business Meetings

DT_BizMeetingI didn’t want to come to the meeting, but I’m glad I did.”  Over the years, I have heard that confession many times.

Whatever the meeting – annual, quarterly or weekly – some of us, in various instances, would just prefer to skip.  It’s a pretty common feeling generally stemming from one or more of the following underlying root concerns:
  • a history of unproductive, directionless meetings filled with lots of discussion and very little resolution;
  • way too busy to stop or slow down;
  • fear of conflict […]
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Compliant Resisters

Compliant ResistersCompliant resisters are very hard to spot in your business.  On the surface, they present a positive response, tacitly agreeing with the vision, the plan and the requirements.  They are very careful about not communicating anything that might jeopardize their position in the company.  Their seat isn’t their passion – it’s just the means to a paycheck.

The issue is that wherever they disagree or don’t like something, they quietly and stealthily don’t comply.  You unfortunately presume they are doing everything you expect because they are […]
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