blog23_diving_w200To dive into the next growth stage of your business requires letting go. The entrepreneurial initiative begins with the self. To paraphrase an ancient verse: “I, the Leader, am for my Company, as my Company is for Me.”

The self turns toward the Company, towards the “greater good.” As a leader, I don’t operate solely for myself. I operate for my organization, and my organization in turn supports me precisely because I let go of me. Letting go means the suspension of Self.

Someone who knows how to suspend himself or herself has the ability to hear what another person has to say. They can hear what the team has to say. They can internalize what the business has to say. They can accept what their market has to say. That who knows how to suspend oneself can dedicate themselves to the greater good of the business. 

It is something we all want to master, isn’t it? If so, then why is it so hard?

It is hard because, metaphorically speaking, even when we know how to swim we are often afraid to dive. We find ourselves standing at the edge of the pool and counting to ten, then to twenty, then to fifty… and never getting up the courage to just jump.  Our fear is of letting go.  We are terrified of the moment of suspension. We dread the moment when our feet leave the ground but have not hit the water yet. That moment in between. 

Often, the only way we get past our suspension phobia is when somebody comes along and pushes us in. This is why we all need help from the outside—why we all need mentors. We all need coaches. 

At the moment when you must let go, talking yourself into it is not likely to work. Why? Because even the most brilliant mind cannot speak to a vulnerable heart. They don’t speak the same language. So you must invite someone to push you—someone you can grow to trust.

Have you found yet the mentor, the coach, the outsider you can trust to push you with wisdom, knowledge and care?