If resolving business problems is making your leadership team discouraged, you’re not alone. Some of my entrepreneurial leadership teams hit an emotional wall after their first year of implementing EOS® (the Entrepreneurial Operating System)—especially if they need to resolve many large organizational issues in the company. Even when they make significant progress in the first year, they still feel unsatisfied and a bit discouraged. Why?
They’re seeing the organizational problems still left to be resolved.

The Problem with Resolving Business Problems

DT_Marathon_W200This phenomenon is not unlike the marathoner who, after completing 10 miles, realizes there are still 16 miles to go. If you’re feeling a bit exhausted from the first 10 miles, the prospect of running out the final 16 can be overwhelming. Dan Sullivan calls it “the gap” between where we are and where we want to be.

This is the moment when celebrating your organization’s progress becomes very strategic. Taking time to fully acknowledge the progress you have made can sustain your leadership team to go the next 10 miles.

Celebrate the Long Process Toward Organizational Health

If your leadership team is discouraged by the long process of resolving problems in your company, you can recover the motivation to keep moving forward. Pick the few, most important things you need to do in the next year to continue making great progress. At the end of this year, pause, look back and celebrate again. And now with only 6 miles to go, and a lot of progress behind you, you’ll have the inspiration and energy you need to sprint to the finish line.

The truth is, your business will just keep on running and making progress in short, meaningful, energizing spurts. It will become fun and the rewards will become significant for everyone in your company to enjoy.
Run, celebrate, run, celebrate, run … enjoy the race.

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