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Dive In by Letting Go

blog23_diving_w200To dive into the next growth stage of your business requires letting go. The entrepreneurial initiative begins with the self. To paraphrase an ancient verse: “I, the Leader, am for my Company, as my Company is for Me.”

The self turns toward the Company, towards the “greater good.” As a leader, I don’t operate solely for myself. I operate for my organization, and my organization in turn supports me precisely because I let go of me. Letting go means the suspension of Self.

Someone who […]

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7 Biggest Business Measuring Mistakes No One Talks About

A Scorecard is a simple management tool we use to track progress. We also use Scorecards to hold people accountable to promised results. With Scorecards, we discover patterns and we read the pulse of a business or a team. Scorecards reflect the belief that “what doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done.” 

ScorecardsThere are as many variations of this notion as you can get your hands on. Terminology is also abundant and often confusing. You may have heard of dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), smart numbers, etc. […]
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7 Business Goals Mistakes No One Talks About

Every business sets goals—or at least it shouldfor itself: weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. Sometimes we call them goals, sometimes objectives, sometimes priorities. Regardless of the time horizon or the terminology, the exercise is similar. It is one of the most powerful acts a business leader does, because it impacts everything. It impacts how people spend time and energy. It impacts where the business utilizes its resources. It impacts who ends up doing what.

Blog21_Goals_W200Every goal-setting act carries with it a great opportunity. It’s the opportunity to […]
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7+1 More Meeting Mistakes No One Talks About

As my mentor Don Tinney puts it, “Common wisdom says that you should have the fewest meetings possible and that meetings are a necessary evil at best. But the truth is, meetings are essential to a company’s success–if you run them properly.” 

In his excellent article on “The 7 Biggest Meeting Mistakes No One Talks About,” he identifies them to be:Blog20_Meeting_W300
  1. Not Following A Process For Meetings.
  2. Solving The First Issues, Not […]
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Making The Running of A Business More Fun

Small Business USA is a Connecticut-based national organization that supports small businesses by making tools normally afforded only fortune 500 companies to all small business owners. John Myers, their Vice President of Sales, interviewed me as part of his organization’s regular weekly Ask The Expert calls.

Here are the questions & topics we covered during the 50-minute conversation:
  1. How did I end up doing what I am doing today? [0:00]
  2. What are the common mistakes business owners make?  [3:54]
  3. Why do we need to […]
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How Far From a Well-Oiled Machine?

How far is your business from running like a well-oiled machine? Is it at 20%? 50%? 80%? 100%? (well, 100% would be utopian, but who knows…)

Have you ever measured it? What’s your number?

What Is Your Score?As a business leader and even as a participant in an entrepreneurial business, it’s really important to know, at every point, where we are. By that, I mean specifically, precisely, comparatively. If your answers were either ‘No’ or ‘I don’t know’, how can you expect […]
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The #2 Book NY Times Says You Should Read

“The Art of Running a Small Business (You’re The Boss)” Section of the New York Times blog just published an article on “10 Books Business Owners Should Read.” Second only Michael Gerber’s “The E-Myth Revisited” is Gino Wickman’s TRACTION: Get A Grip On Your Business.”
While, for full disclosure, I am a member of EOS Worldwide and a Certified EOS Implementer, I consider this book one of those seminal books […]
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The Perils of Many Goals

Does your team set SMART goals for each Quarter? 
If you don’t, most business expert practitioners suggest you should because:

  1. they will provide you with direction
  2. they will help you focus and advance
  3. they will give you a way to measure progress
If you do, then how many goals does your team have for this quarter? Yes, right now!

Recently I walked into a company’s weekly executive management meeting and asked them to show me their current quarterly goals. (Leadership Teams that operate using the EOS™ business […]
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Effective Meetings: Divide and Conquer

Your Team MeetingAh, meetings! Everybody loathes them, most think of them as a waste of time, yet nobody can get rid of them. Especially those pesky regular staff meetings that bore us death with their long reports, with their hijackers, with everybody discussing the same issue over and over and over, only to run out of time before any useful solutions or clear decisions emerge.

When we walk into a company and ask the leadership team how they rate, on a scale from 1 to 10, the effectiveness of their […]
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Would You Make Your Own?

Would You Make Your Own?Imagine you got a new computer. Would you sit down and start programming the apps you want and need, or would you go out and get something off-the-shelf, so you can spend your time and energy on what you really want to do with this computer?

Furthermore: Would you rather have a system of apps that were designed to and actually do work with each other well or would you prefer a bunch of apps that know nothing about each other. For example, imagine […]
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5 Reasons Why You Need Numbers

NumbersMost entrepreneurs tend to run their businesses on intuition, on subjectives, on beliefs. In the early days of a starting business, all of these sources provide strength. Initiative and Innovation–the essence of entrepreneurship–both require some amount of intuition, of belief in what others have not yet seen or envisioned, of self-drive towards undertaking something.

However, as the business evolves and strives to move into new phases of growth, intuition, subjectives and beliefs turn from assets into liabilities. 

Bottom line: It’s time to run the […]
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The 8 Answers

We all know how difficult it sometimes is to get a leadership team—or any team, for that matter—to reach consensus and make decision. More often than not, the root cause of this difficulty is the lack of consensus on where the business (or the team) is going, and how it’s going to get there. In other words, they are not 100% on the same page.

Question is: how do you get your leadership team on the same page? The obvious first step is to define clearly what “the page” really is. The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS™) defines exactly 8 questions […]
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Blueprinting Your Digital Marketing Execution

You’ve decided on a big-picture digital marketing strategy. You needed it for a while, but now you know you’ll do it. Now what?

Most business leaders have their team of copywriters, webmasters, IT technicians, graphic artists and such jump right into it. More often than not, the result is … a mess! I’ve seen it way too many times. Maybe you have, too: Lots of money and time spent, lots of opportunities missed, and little to show for.

Instead, you need to do exactly what you’d do if you were having your own house built. You would […]
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What Is Get Business Traction, Really?

Let’s start a Dialog at GetBusinessTraction.com/contact !

More at GetBusinessTraction.com/practice

Oval Buttons

Working ON your business is often so much harder than working IN your business that many business leaders simply avoid it … or find all kinds of ways to work around it. Here is what a friend of mine was recently thinking of doing … instead of doing what he admitted he needed to do, which was to drastically improve the way his business operates, the way his leadership team works.

Have you chosen and started implementing ONE business management system for your business?

(If not yet, why not?)
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An Operating System for Business?

Blog10_OperatingSystem_W200What do Operating Systems have to do with managing a business? A lot. Here is how:

Every “computer” we use, from smart phones to tablets to laptops to desktops to servers has an Operating System (usually known as the “OS”). Whether it’s Google’s Android or Microsoft’s Windows or Apple’s iOS or Linux, each OS is nothing but a set of processes that interact with each other in order to manage various aspects of what the device does and how it does […]
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EOS TIP: Going Through a List of Issues

Whether you occasionally or regularly get together with the rest of your team in meetings, you may use a list of issues or topics you need to address. More often than not, that list is long, way too long! So where do you start and how do you go through it?

In this 3-Minute Tip I show the EOS solution to dealing with a long list of issues or topics in a team meeting. This simple technique ensures that we always deal with the most important and urgent issues first AND that we never get bogged down in […]
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It’s Not For Lack of Vision, It’s For Lack of Knowing It (Part 2)

HowLeadersInspireAction_mindmapIn Part 1 of this series inspired by Simon Sinek’s TED talk, the mindmap shows WHAT leaders use to inspire: The Golden Circle, and WHAT their differentiator is (ordering their discourse inside-out: Why – How – What). The mindmap shows HOW to use this method when selecting who to do business with and how to communicate […]
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