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A Great Habit Is Hard To Break

RB_Practice_W200After a recent EOS session, the owner made a comment about the importance of repetition in mastering a skill. Specifically, he was talking about the weekly Level 10 meeting and, after just six meetings, how much better his team was becoming at identifying, discussing and solving issues, getting things done, improving communication and team health. He told his team, “Imagine how much better we’ll be after 52 weekly Level 10 meetings!

In his book “Outliers”, Malcolm Gladwell challenges the impact that intelligence plays in determining success […]
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Wrong Person, Right Seat

RB_WPRS_W200You may have inherited, hired or promoted people who you’ve recognized and rewarded for exceptional production and output only to hear rumblings that they are getting those results in ways that are damaging your company’s reputation, aggravating fellow team members and undermining everything that you’re trying to accomplish for the long term.  These are usually me-first versus we-first people who put their interests before the Core Values of the organization. In the meantime, they continue to produce results, but behave and get those results in ways that go against […]
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“I’m Fine!”

Recently I was in a meeting where, after a long discussion, a decision was finally made to take action. The person who was most vocal in arguing against the action was asked whether or not he supported the decision. Even though it was apparent to the team that he was not on board, he said “I’m fine!” The owner called him out and asked him “Yes or no, do you support the decision?” The dissenter hesitated. The owner went on, “Whenever I hear someone say they’re fine what they mean to say is that they’re:
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Just Say It

The sign of a truly healthy leadership team is when its members speak freely. They say what needs to be said without fear and without worrying about how they’re saying it. When we choose to be guarded we waste time and rarely get to the real issues. We treat symptoms while ignoring the underlying root cause. And, sitting through meetings where members make excuses for themselves and their peers is painful.

RB_Say_W200During the check-in [step] at the beginning of a recent EOS™ session, one of the leaders stated that he was […]
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Unplug To Connect

Can you walk, talk on your phone, text and check email all at the same time? While strolling through a mall last week I observed dozens of people doing exactly that. Observe families dining out. How many are on their phones? We can’t seem to focus on one thing at a time.

I for one am becoming more and more distracted by technology and suffering from “I-can’t-miss-out” anxiety. How about you?

RB_Unplug_W200In a June 29, 2014 Wall Street Journal article, “The […]
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Decide, Don’t Vote

DecideDontVoteA while ago, Gino Wickman shared his Ten Commandments of Good Decision Making in his eBook, “Decide! The One Common Denominator of All Great Leaders.”  Each commandment is a gem but the one that resonates with me most is: “Thou Shalt Not Rule by Consensus!

Obeying this simple commandment reassures people that the leader is willing and able to make a tough decision. In meetings, after everyone has weighed in on an issue, it’s time to decide. Sometimes the decision is clear cut. But sometimes it’s not so […]
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Who Needs a Coach?

RB_Coach_W200A [business owner & CEO] client shared an email recently that he had sent his team. As with many clients, he owns a successful business but strives to move from being good to being great. He’s willing to share and I thought you’d enjoy his take on coaching.

I sometimes find it interesting how much time is invested in sports and our sports culture.  Which raises a good question!  Why do players as extraordinary as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have coaches?  How about the other 99% […]
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Followed by All

RB_Followed-by-All_W200Are you satisfied that your customers consistently receive great products and services from your company? Is the value your business delivers dependent on who is delivering it or how it’s being delivered? Both are important, but without a written and crystal-clear process that is followed by all, people will deliver value their way which is often neither your way nor the best way.

In his book, the Checklist Manifesto, noted surgeon, Atul Gawande makes the case for a simple checklist to ensure that important safety […]
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Committed or Compliant?

Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.” – Margaret Thatcher

CommitmentOrComplianceWhat do people in your organization do when decisions don’t go their way? Do they accept the decision even though they disagree with it? Do they demonstrate through their words and actions that they support the decision and that they’re committed to achieving the objective? When communicating inside or outside the organization, do they give the impression that they are completely on board? Do […]
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Box Person or People Person?

RB_BoxPersonOrPeoplePerson_W200A few years ago a national retailer, after analysis of its worst performing stores, decided to close the worst of the worst. On that list was a store that had it baffled. It was a good location in a good trade area with plenty of traffic and great visibility. But, it continually lagged behind other stores in the system.

The plan was to close the store which would’ve resulted in over 100 people losing their jobs. In a last ditch effort to turn things around, the company decided […]
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The Case for LMA

LMA is an abbreviation for “Leadership, Management & Accountability.”

Think of it as a formula:

L + M = A

You can’t create Accountability, it must be taken. Accountability is an outcome, a bi-product of great Leadership and Management.

Great bosses are masters of LMA. They know how to get the best from their people by keeping them energized and engaged.

A recent Gallup Poll revealed that of 100 million full-time American workers, 30% are “actively engaged” at their jobs. Jim Clifton, Gallup’s CEO asserts that […]
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How Do Your Meetings Rate?

RB_Rating10_W200Before starting the EOS Process with prospective clients, I ask them to rate the effectiveness of their meetings on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 10 is great). Over the last 5 years I have asked that question of over two hundred leaders. On average, they rated their meetings a 4.7 – Not great.  There’s nothing like a number to cut to the chase and quickly assess how we’re doing.

We have probably all sat through our fair share of awful meetings. No […]
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Organizational Structure: A Lesson From the Romans

RB_Romans_300x225One of my favorite Monty Python skits* is “What have the Romans ever done for us?

Those aqueducts, roads and bridges were built on a solid foundation. The Romans were masters of organizational structure.  A great example is how they organized their military.

The basic unit of organization within a Roman legion during the time of Julius Caesar was the contebernium, a group of 8 legionaries who shared a tent. […]
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5 Tips to Help You Get More With Less

Less Is MoreDoing more doesn’t necessarily help you get more from your business. Instead of trying to do more, focus on doing less. Here are five practical, real-world tips from my clients that have helped them get better traction:

1. Reduce the number of meetings

Ask yourself, “What is the value of people’s time?” Some meetings are called solely for the purpose of relaying information. Can this information be relayed by a regularly scheduled email blast or newsletter? The purpose of most meetings should be to establish priorities and […]
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