RB_Coach_W200A [business owner & CEO] client shared an email recently that he had sent his team. As with many clients, he owns a successful business but strives to move from being good to being great. He’s willing to share and I thought you’d enjoy his take on coaching.

I sometimes find it interesting how much time is invested in sports and our sports culture.  Which raises a good question!  Why do players as extraordinary as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have coaches?  How about the other 99% of players who also use a coach?

I’ve often analogized being a business owner to being a pro athlete.  Why?  It’s our living.  It’s high stakes.  We take the field every day. We don’t survive, let alone thrive if we don’t “perform” well.  Further, there is only one dominant “team” in any one industry and in any one region.  But, I’ve never had a coach!!!  I realized that it was just plain stupid and arrogant to think that I knew it all and did not need a coach and that I could just figure it out on my own!

We aspire to be the dominant provider in our markets!!  I hope you can see our need for a coach – especially as we grow and compete with significantly greater competitors. Then there are the internal issues of managing a larger organization, dealing with larger finance issues and leading larger groups of people.

One of the main reasons I pursued the EOS management process [business management system] was that I knew that we would need considerably more structure and accountability (without micro-management!) to achieve what I always believed was a tremendous opportunity to build a premier, region wide company.  Along with this growth would come significant opportunity for each of us to grow and share in the rewards for ourselves and for our families.

Nothing is easy and we are never as good as we think we are.  I find it fascinating, for example, that a pro golfer who has played since he was 3 years old, and has had junior coaches, high school coaches and professional coaches, decides to get a new coach and rebuild his swing from the beginning.  Wow!!  What humility to accept that to grow, he must change.  Pretty impressive. Which raises the question of whether we have the humility to learn.

I asked our EOS Implementer for input, growth and instruction.  Well, we’re getting it and it’s humbling!! We have our playbook and the plays we will run – precisely as we are coached.  We are a team and everyone on the team has to know the plays, run the plays and embrace the plays. Otherwise, we have chaos.

I am delighted that we’re learning all of these skills together and excited about where they will take us!!
Thanks for sharing, Steve!

Publisher’s Note:  For a 6-minute video on EOS: GetBusinessTraction.com/eosstory

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Originally distributed by Rene Boer on April 29, 2014
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